AFCO San Diego RDC LEED Gold Certification

AFCO San Diego RDC LEED Gold Certification

AFCO support in the design, development and building of the Regional Distribution facility at San Diego International Airport receives LEED Gold certification.  Learn more about the project and our participation here:

Facts about the SAN AFCO partnership

Project Highlights

SAN CRDC Press Release

AFCO Developing for the Future

With our extensive knowledge of transportation facility and infrastructure requirements, we’re able to plan overall needs and each project for optimal effectiveness and efficiency.  By assembling and maintaining a team of experienced architectural, engineering and general contracting professionals, we can readily adapt our facilities to meet changing market demands and customer needs.  In many situations, we also serve as an extension of staff for our customers.

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AFCO is a recognized leader in the development, management and operation of airports and airport infrastructure.  With broad capabilities and deep experience, AFCO provides an unparalleled level of service and value to its clients including airports, municipalities, commercial and cargo airlines, freight forwarders and a wide variety of other airport users.