If you provide transportation services for people, cargo, or freight, you know the importance of customer service and having the right facilities in the right location.  In fact, well-positioned and maintained facilities can strengthen your customer relationships and, at the same time, improve your bottom line.  Quite simply, improving facilities often leads to increased profitability and more efficient operations.

That’s where AFCO can play a valuable role. We have first-hand experience in managing and acquiring existing airports and facilities, building new facilities, and managing them all. Transportation projects typically feature multiple challenges, such as project structuring, securing financing, managing design and construction, negotiating leases, marketing and more. We do it all—and, as our record of steady growth attests, we do it well.

At AFCO, we are dedicated to acquiring and developing airports and acquiring and building facilities that are operationally efficient, cost-effective and easily expandable.

In the facilities arena, we begin by meeting with you to understand your business and operations and work with you to plan the required facility and select the site. We then engage and guide the architects, engineers, and contractors through the design and construction process, all of which is backed by smart and creative financing. In short, we manage the entire process to ensure you get exactly the facilities you need.

AFCO Means Financing Firepower

Our primary goal is to find the optimal financing solution that works best for you. We can arrange financing through any number of sources — including banks and insurance company loans, mortgage-securitized loans, credit tenant lease loans, taxable and tax-exempt bonds and private equity.  Where the situation merits, we can also play a unique and vital role as the sole funding partner for a specific project.

Whichever financing method is selected, our goal is to ensure that your capital can be used to grow your business and not be tied up in real estate assets that are not core to your business.

An Experienced Design/Construction Team

With our extensive knowledge of transportation facility and infrastructure requirements, we’re able to plan overall needs and each project for optimal effectiveness and efficiency.  By assembling and maintaining a team of experienced architectural, engineering and general contracting professionals, we can readily adapt our facilities to meet changing market demands and customer needs.  In many situations, we also serve as an extension of staff for our customers.

Responsive Leasing and Management

Our leasing and property management team have decades of experience in negotiating mutually-agreeable leases, management contracts and concession agreements that meet our customers’ financial, operational and space requirements, and also accommodate any future changes in the size and type of facilities and space required. We take pride in our success of tailoring commitments for a wide variety of entities, including airports, airlines, freight forwarders, freight handlers and governmental agencies.

Our success is due to a smart balance of competitive rates and a reputation for outstanding airport and facilities infrastructure maintenance.  Our representatives are always on-call to handle routine needs, and we have a wide range of on-site managers and contractors to handle any emergency on a 24/7 basis.

Targeted Marketing Services

AFCO’s approach to providing marketing support for our customers is thorough and effective.  At airports, for example, our marketing program typically includes evaluating the current market area, meeting with community and airport representatives to determine the optimal tenant and service mix they desire, identifying and securing suitable tenants, and meeting with those potential tenants to determine whether their space requirements can best be served on or around the airport.  When a new facility is being developed, we also conduct extensive marketing to potential tenants well before the leases are finalized, so customers can move into facilities as soon as they are ready for occupancy.

Consulting Based on Experience and Results

Now in our third decade as a full-service manager and developer of transportation facilities and infrastructure, our extensive knowledge of financing, construction, marketing and facilities management makes us uniquely qualified to provide consulting services to airports and other transportation entities. We can objectively and professionally assist clients in determining the economic feasibility of any future facilities or operations they may be considering.