John A. Northcott, Jr.

Vice President - Head of Asset Operations & Development

Mr. Northcott joined AFCO in January 2002. He is responsible for the overall management of all AFCO tangible assets, their operations, maintenance, and supporting staff. He is responsible for developing and supervising all asset maintenance and repair programs to include construction renovation, design, and contractor management at AFCO’s facilities, including buildings, aircraft operational movement areas, vehicle parking and building grounds. Additional responsibilities include, preparing and negotiating agreements with asset management support contractors, to include the hiring and terminating of full time on-site management personnel.

His fiscal duties include, developing and oversight of annual income/expense budgets and analyzing financial operating reports and statements within the operational boundaries of the AFCO portfolio.
Mr. Northcott participates as an advisor to the AFCO Development Team on acquisitions and construction of new airport projects, which his department will assume operational responsibility upon completion and migration into the AFCO portfolio.

Mr. Northcott has direct oversight of fourteen Operational Directors, Midlevel and On-Site Managers and collaborates with the Director of Leasing and the Vice President of Construction & Technical Services.

He is responsible for the safe, efficient, and secure operation of all AFCO facilities and & life safety systems, and acts as the AFCO TSA Designated Signatory for all AFCO employee and support personnel airport security credentials.

Mr. Northcott meets with airport authorities, airlines, and client senior executives on an annual basis to update, discuss and solve any issues or discrepancies that might be of concern to them.
He takes pride in supporting, mentoring, building, and motivating all AFCO employees and support personnel.

Prior to joining AFCO, Mr. Northcott served for over 30 years in the United States Marine Corps where he achieved the rank of Master Gunnery Sergeant, E9. He served with Marine Helicopter Squadron One, HMX-1, Executive Flight Detachment, responsible for direct helicopter support for the President of the United States. Having extensive experience as a senior aviation logistics and operation manager across all levels of Marine aviation, he was nominated and selected to serve the position of “Aircraft Maintenance Chief of the Marine Corps,” the highest enlisted aviation position in the U.S. Marine Corps where he completed his career as a Marine.

Mr. Northcott holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Production & Operation Management from Aberdeen University. While in the Marine Corps, Mr. Northcott completed more than a dozen programs and courses in leadership, security, management, and other topics.