Reading Regional Airport, PA (RDG)

In October 2006 AFCO acquired American Flight Services (AFS) fixed base operation at the Reading Regional Airport, Pennsylvania. The deal represented the first for AFCO in PA since building the FBO at Pittsburgh in 2001. AFCO sold its interests in AFS to Reading Jet Center in December 2009.

AFS continues to offer a range of services to all general aviation and airline traffic including hangarage, fuel, aircraft deicing and detailing.  AFS also has the only flight school in Reading as well as a Lasergrade computer testing center.  Aircraft maintenance and aircraft charter services are offered through Reading Air Charter.

AFS is the home to the PennStar IV Air Ambulance service which offers 24 hr emergency response to the local area. Quest Diagnostics flight department is located on the AFS ramp.  The unit provides fueling and other services for the Quest aircraft fleet which includes 15 to 18 aircraft from Barons to a Falcon 900.  Quest is the leading provider of medical testing, information and services.

Reading is ideally placed to avoid the higher priced markets of New York and New Jersey which is making companies look twice at the relatively low cost of doing business at Reading and commuting as required. Several of our tenants already do so and enjoy significant financial savings; the additional journey time by aircraft is minimal.